Without artistic ability, experience or inclination, this body of work began spontaneously on the morning of January 20, 2001.

Each drawing was completed on the first attempt and they became progressively detailed and complex. Moreover, the time required to complete each drawing ranged from hours to days, weeks, months and in one instance, the “Second-Series/Matrix” took some 2,500-hours of drawing time over a period of 5-years to complete, which resulted in the most detailed and complex drawing known to exist.

This body of work was originally not intended to be shared publicly and certainly not considered from an artistic perspective, as this was a personally journey for the artist and one that is not easily shared or explained.

To that end, the artist does not offer any explanation or opinion about the source or meaning of these drawings and leaves it to the viewer to make their own mind.

This is also the reason the artist chose to use the name “Enigmatic Drawings” rather than his own name upon making the drawings publicly available.