The comments below have been randomly selected and represent a small fraction of the feedback received over the past few of years, since the drawings were publicly available.

 We are sharing these in response to the many people who find this information both interesting and helpful. For some, it provides a frame of reference; a succinct description, a relatable experience, possibilities not previously considered or perhaps to simply serve as a trigger.

 Moreover, the consistent reactions and themes expressed by our hugely diverse global audience is a testament to the universality of these drawings and the deep contemplation and emotive reactions they engender in the observer.

 The Artist’s reluctance to explain or discuss the drawings or the phenomenon that led to these unprecedented works, makes this information very relevant & important.

 For all intents and purposes, these comments and insights serve as an accurate measure of how the drawings are perceived & experienced by our audience and is perhaps the best and most sincere explanation we can offer about the drawings at this time.

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Simply and Complexly Wonderful and Beautiful, a reflection of the human being who produced them and his higher power.
Makes me feel like creating some of my own, to see what is born from my mind, heart, soul and hand. Amazing art!
— Diana C
George, my heart and soul soared as a bird in moments upon first seeing your imagery.
I know that place where there are no words to express what comes through other than that you are a clear and beautiful channel for this into the world.
The language it imparts is so beautiful it will and does transcend “our primitive languages that sometimes limits us here in this dimension.”
I can only say, thank God that it is now and you are available. I am blessed as all who will take this into their hearts and souls. They will dance with the memory, dance with the knowing, celebrate that it has come here, here and now!
They will come to remember that they are and always have been whole “HOLY”…they just must come to remember their Divinity… The Divine is calling them to remember who they are and how much they love.
Peace now!
Namaste, Ktlyn
— Made by: Katelyn ( | About: gallery | On: May 09, 2013 3:15am
“These appear to be graphic representations of energy systems in the Universe…
Some portray large physical at planetary level, others at atomic level…
Also I bet ‘thought forms’ of energy are included, such as the Tulpa type reported to be created by Tibetan monks or the functional aspects of thought transfer such as remote healing, Theta healing…
Other drawings portray the energy systems within humans, meridians, auras, plus the pathways that connect us with the Universe…
Auras that surround the body contain massive quantities of information- the Akashic Record, in memory…
However, it appears to go further than that still. Energy, light, sound,frequency, patterns are everywhere described. It seems to include patterns that relate to gravity issues, the language formats, clustering of materials, and so on. A truly amazing array…
This needs very careful study to draw out the significance. The references are many and the variety huge. It needs a widely read individual or group to decode.
I see tantric formats of bonding energy systems through chakras to reach spiritual heights for enlightenment or oneness with the Universe.
This is archaeology of the future, or now ! Far more interesting than digging under ground!”
— VK- (November, 2010)
When I look at these images, I feel as if the cells in my body are awakening. Upon initial viewing, I was brought to tears by their shear beauty.
I continue to revisit these images because of the sense of awakening and peace they evoke and for the sense of kinship with the universe they engender in me.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Is there a way to communicate directly with you, George?
— Made by: Lael ( | About: gallery | On: Jul 03, 2012 3:39am AEST
Sacred inspiration! or is Divine a better word? It’s defenitely of a high level of consciousness that touches and speaks to the Soul deep within, beyond comprehension
— Henriëtte Kerkhoff | October 12, 2012 at 10:51pm
I looked at the video. Very inter-dimensional. Besides being beautiful and uplifting it looks like various forms of information from what many people call ET’s and/or consciousness that perceives energy patterns ( and underlying geometry) beyond what most humans ever.
I am working on a show or offering that explores the same questions you ask through humour stories and music, and carries the joy of who we truly are. I have gotten the inspiration that it would be good to do it at art galleries.
— Made by: Laurie ( | About: gallery | On: Jul 16, 2013 5:12am AEST
I AM both fascinated & humbled by the Grandeur of Your Artistic Performance{{{❍}}}
Your work contains IT ALL …. the Insights of Cosmic Sacred Geometry, Angelic Seals & Codes, Cosmic Energy Structures, Cosmic Creations Elements & Symbols much more{{{❍}}}
You are Loved & Blessed{{{❍}}
— Carla T. R. Iacobone: September 9, 2012 at 7:53pm
I am absolutely stunned and emotionally deeply touched by the beauty of your pictures. Your pictures remind me of Emma Kunz, a Swiss lady, who drew similar – but simpler – pictures like yours, with which she healed human beings. To me every picture of yours is a message to humanity. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Be blessed.
— Anandamayi Ma | July 8, 2011 at 7:22pm
Hello, your artwork is amazing, it must take a long time, the detail, wow! I would love to see them for real. I’d like to talk more about the meanings behind them, I must look at them some more. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations.
— Dawn O
Fascinating drawings! They make me want to stare and get lost in the art … Even with tired eyes I find these drawings to be exceptional. All you guys go take a peek at them if you have not already!
— Melinda B
These speak deeply to me on a level I am not at this time able to put into words. There is great insight here that is greatly relevant to life as we know, or perhaps as we are coming to know.
— Kelly Stockwell -July 20, 2011
These look like revived future/ancient blueprints precisely diagrammed models of DNA structures, holographic nature of realms and data banks of various species/groups … This looks like the blue cosmic ray being received by the soul as it navigates and moves through time. the image on the top right looks like an atlantean pyramid encoded with vibrancy. Above the blue light in the other corridor it looks like a raindrop is being poured from a dimensional mirror. The columns above look like volumes from the akasha of earth, so beautiful!
— Jordan S
To say I was more than impressed would be an understatement. I believe your drawings capture the imagination of the viewer. With no real one set meaning as to what they may represent, it leaves the conscious mind open to many alternatives, which I like. They promote the person viewing to question, which is the only way to deepen curiosity. You definitely have a gift that should be preserved.
— Mira M
I have been privileged to watch the development of these truly magnificent works of art over many years. I would not be so presumptuous as to say that I know the meaning of them, I can only feel in my opinion what they represent to me. There is no doubt they are from a source of higher intelligence, like the Crop Circles, and for me, they are symbols of humanity, life, consciousness.
I believe they are templates of consciousness, which become activated when perceived to enable the person/s viewing them to lift their consciousness, as in mandalas.
They show clearly all that life as we know it composed of: Sound vibrations, the world itself, molecules, energy flowing from Chakras, the cosmos and the planets etc. It is all there and is all part of the One.
They are extraordinary and a gift to mankind.
— Viveka Draffen
I am so touched by this drawing! i feel my soul dancing and my heart has fast palpitation! They are confirming my awakening! I feel they are Multidimensional messages!
…My soul is flying with your drawing back to ATLANTIS
— Annette O
NAMASTE from Nepal! …I think your drawings tries to reflect man’s relationship with the cosmic world and I think personally we are always governed by such relationship. In fact, I have seen such figures in some Hindu books related to consciousness, meditation, and also seen in Mantras.
I guess understanding the secrets of such meanings and figures utilization for human civilization could help to make our planets much happier.
— Sachin U
I feel speechless with joy, seeing your paintings. I will look at them more often, as they truly deserve it. They remind me of sacred yantras from the Indian palm leaf books. My Guru Swami Kaleshwar showed us some of them, a while ago and we also have been drawing some of them. Will you explain the deeper meaning of your drawings at a later date? I feel sure, many many people would feel interested in them. Anyway, I feel happy to meet you and i wish you a blessed divine life full of true joy, may your soul reach its destiny.
— Jia-Egypt M
I love your work! It is almost alien in its detail and expression. I feel like I am glimpsing at a quantum pictograph!
— Heather Burke-Huyghue -November 9, 2011
Swift Astounding. All of them. We’ve seen these throughout our lives but they seem more understandable now to the many.
— Aileen Norton -October 28, 2011
My goodness….this is absolutely beautiful. In every piece, there is a message. The DNA coding being delivered through these drawings are amazing and the symbols resonate through all the chakras.
Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. Not enough stars to choose from for the rating!
— Emerald
To me this looks like the figure is walking out of a circular tunnel and walking into an angular projection from within, symbolic of walking away from the past and creating a new future…you see it…?
…The joining together of the left and right brain once the third eye is realised.
— Richard S
“GEORGE, maybe your art is everyday common to you…but is most outstanding and extraordinary … I am deeply moved by your artwork and love sacred geometry and Fibonacci, none of my girlfriends understand any of my interests in quantum physics and beyond…so I am so grateful to you and your food for my soul and spirit…
— Mimi –