The Drawings...

Upon viewing the drawings, the reaction for most, is usually one of astonishment and intrigue but for some; it is a profound experience.Without a frame of reference, it is difficult to find the words that could encapsulate what these drawings are or the experience they engender in the observer.

The wise adage; “a picture is worth a thousand words” is very apt in this instance and perhaps so much more.The drawings are unprecedented, complex and thus far inexplicable and yet universally received.

The following excerpt from a related email serves as a practical and eloquent example of the general consensus expressed about the drawings:

“One aspect I am sure of, this is not so much art, as an expression of information in visual form, which carries more than language can express. The content is sophisticated and expresses knowledge beyond most known concepts”. This is archaeology of the future, or now ! Far more interesting than digging under ground!”(Nov/10/VK)

Whilst the drawings began spontaneously in 2001, they were first publicly available via the website and social media in 2011, attracting a global audience from over 100-countries and 2,000-cities, with millions of picture views and tens of thousands of comments/emails in a matter of months.

A significant and immensely diverse audience and yet, the reactions and descriptions are universal and unbound. (XXXXX INSERT AUDIENCE COMENTS LINK HEREXXXX)))

You are invited to view the drawings and explore them in depth and make up your own mind.