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The eyes are one of the main senses/filters in which we experience and judge our physical world, other people and indeed ourselves.

The human eye is incredibly limited in its range that we only see less than 1% (0.0035%) of all light that reaches us in the visible spectrum and takes up around 30% of the cerebral cortex compared with 8% for touch and 3% for hearing.

If our senses are so limited relative to the physical world, then what does that suggest about our higher brain functions, higher mind and our multidimensional existence?

According to neuroscience, eye witness testimonies are usually the least reliable form of evidence because it subject to the individual’s filters and programs based on their life’s experience.

Moreover, science also tells us that up to 80% of what we think we are seeing, is not actually occurring in real time and that the brain is rendering images from its stored memories to create a continues flow. Much like a computer, the brain must optimise its various functions in order of priority to ensure its survival (I.e. fight or flight) because the visual cortex takes up a high portion of the processing power to receive, integrate and process visual information.

To suggest that we are limiting ourselves based on our view of the so called real world would be an understatement because we are only conscious of a fraction of what it is.

Focus on your VISION of the greater reality rather than the sight of the world seen through the limited eyesight and the programs imposed upon us.

Hence expand your view of reality beyond your eyesight and encompass your VISION of higher mind to glimpse the bigger picture.
george allan

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